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Universal 20 x 64 - 1 Lite Low E Glass & White Frame
Universal 20 x 64 - 1 Lite Low E Glass & White Frame

Universal 20 x 64 - 1 Lite Low E Glass & White Frame

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Verify Outside Frame Dimensions
21 3/4" x 65 3/4" (plus or minus 1/4" will still work)
Universal 20 x 64 1 Lite Low E Glass & White Frame
Product Features
*Will fit on major brands i.e. Taylor, Perma Door, Stanley, Castlegate & Masonite
*Low E Glass
*Energy Efficient (Saves on air conditioning in the Summer and heat in the Winter)
*1/2" Insulated Glass
*Dry glaze seal
*Easy to paint
*Ease of assembly
*Fashion with Function
*Improved material performance "Won't yellow or warp"
*Outside of frame dimension 20 x 64 = 21 3/4" x 65 3/4"
*Glass Size = 20" x 64
*1/2" Insulated Glass
Door Prep
*Door cut opening for 20 x 65 is exactly - 21" x 65"
*Made to fit a 1 3/4" thick door
5 Stars
To second K.I. on a couple of points: the box containing one of the two that we ordered was nearly open upon receipt. Tape at one end and two of the three down the long side had broken. Fortunately no damage to the insert which is securely nested in styrofoam inside the box. We also were afraid that we had a problem because it appeared initially that the frames were not pulling down tightly to the door, so just expect that, be sure the guide pins are properly engaged and keep turning those screws, best to work your way around the frame in stages. Oh and if you order more than one, the bags holding the screws for all of them will be packed in the same box, so if you open one and don’t find screws, check the other box (s) before assuming that they were not shipped for the insert you just unpacked. We were replacing glass on 30 y/o doors which have direct rain exposure. We had been fairly diligent about caulking and painting over the years but still found some light surface rust under the frames after removing the old inserts. If your doors have been up a while in the rain, a start early in the day will give you time to get any rust cleaned up, painted and primed. Our French door has a fixed panel which had to be done vertically. This is not a problem, provided you have a capable helper and have all tools and materials in easy reach. If you can take the door down though, do so, it is much easier. The finished installation looks great, we went from seriously deteriorated 15 light frames over non low-e, non-tempered glass to single light, low-e, tempered glass. The cost/time/disruption is a small fraction of what would be require to start over from scratch with a new french door.
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Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 11/14/2020
5 Stars
Awesome fit
The shipping box wasn't taped sufficiently and the box was opened upon the delivery. Nevertheless, the glass was not damaged. During installation we thought that it wouldn't fit because the gap between the door depth and framed glass thickness was large. The gap dissapeared once all the fasterners were tightened. We didn't have to remove the door. Two people are needed to install. The external side of glass and frame are presealed. There is no need to caulk. I'm very happy with the quality and fit. Thank you for providing quality product at fraction of the big stores
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Reviewed by:  from CO. on 11/11/2020
5 Stars
Great product, as advertised. Shipment arrived on time, well packaged.
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Reviewed by:  from Apalachicola, Fl. on 6/9/2020
5 Stars
Fast 'N Easy!
Great product - watch the video! My friend and I did two windows in 30 minutes. I would offer these steps: 1) Loosen all of the old screws but don't remove them. 2) Slide a new razor knife blade around the interior and exterior of the old frame to free it from the old paint and caulk. 3) With a friend helping to catch the window, remove the screws (one at the top last). 4) Remove the interior frame and push the window out. 5) Clean up the opening and install the new window.
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Reviewed by:  from North Texas. on 12/15/2019
5 Stars
Low e glass and lite frame
Excellent company and excellent service fast shipping, product was perfect fit and easy to install,all companies should use this business model 88
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Reviewed by:  from Atlanta. on 2/8/2018

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